You can buy your tickets right away in our webshop.
You can also buy your ticket on spot by cash or bank card, but we advise you to buy it in advance to avoid long queues at the entrance.
In case you bought or about to buy tickets in our webshop, please click here to reach our Helpdesk.
In case you bought or about to buy your ticket from one of our official retail partners please contact them.
The smallest visitots are welcome to Telekom VOLT Festival as well! Children under the age of 11 (date of birth after 27th June 2006) can enter the event free of charge.
Kids under the age of 14 can enter and stay at the venue only with an adult.

For information on tickets click here.

Basic stuff you need to know about your ticket:

  • Your ticket (online voucher) will be exchanged to a wristband at the entrance. Please don't forget to bring your valid ID or passport as with our new check-in system you can only get your wristband when it is personalized.
  • Your ticket (online voucher) will be exchanged to a wristband at the entrance
  • All rights related to the ticket are solely represented by the code on the ticket - you are not sure about what your ticket includes?
  • Vouchers are not personalized and are not connected to a specific person, so the first person who presents the code on the ticket will receive the wristband
  • In case of fraud (e.g.: earlier, unauthorised entry with the code) Telekom VOLT Festival shall not hand over the wristband or a new ticket even to the holder of the printed ticket. Telekom VOLT Festival shall not be liable in case of a fraud
  • Keep your code safe and don't let anyone make copies, photos or recordings of your ticket!
  • Please note that your camping voucher will be exchanged to a wristband at the camping reception only!


  • You can only get your wristband if you present a valid ID or passport.
  • Wristbands are only valid if you wear it on your wrist
  • Wristbands that are damaged, glued, cut, with a patent undone, broader than the hand are considered as invalid!
  • Wristbands are non-transferable to another person
  • Damaged and lost wristbands cannot be replaced
  • Please note that your camping voucher will be exchanged to a wristband at the camping reception only.

Ticket forgers and those participating in forging will be prosecuted.

Please note that the organizers reserve the right to make changes to the program.

Please note that tickets are non-refundable!

To enter the festival area you will definitely need your code (bar code, QR code) and your valid ID or passport. So don't forget it!

If you have it on your smart phone in a PDF format, that's also great! To check-in to the festival it is a must from this year to present a valid ID or passport to receive your wristband! Please try not to forget your personal identification document!

"Peaceful" pets (typically meaning : dogs, ferrets, certain murine-types) are welcome to Telekom VOLT Festival. Please read our Policy for the details.

Please note that without permission you are not allowed to enter the festival area. We ask you to use the designated parking lot of the festival, which you can find next to the Road 8645 which is about 800meters far from the festival. We cannot take responsibility for your belongings left in the car.

  • Your voucher (QR code/barcode) and your valid ID or passport!
  • Waterproof tent, sleeping bag, mattress, torch and batteries
  • Closed shoes, sandals, flip flops
  • Hygienic accessories, towel, bandaid, germ-killer, medication you need to take regularly, detergent.
  • Cap, sunglasses, rain jacket, warm clothes, socks, bathing suit
  • Sun tan lotion, crème against mosquitoes and ticks
  • Food: Bring your own food to the area, but make sure it is not brought in commercial quantity. Local stores are available close to the festival area and many food stalls and drink bars are on site as well!
  • Drink: non-alcoholic beverages can be brought into the festival: 1 PET bottle / maximum 2,5 liter / visitor
  • Cigarettes: maximum 20 packs of cigarettes, 10 packs of cigarillos and 10 pieces of cigars are allowed / visitor
  • Alcohol: no alcohol in any quantity is allowed
  • Illegal drugs and any stimulants: please don't...
  • Gas heaters and gas containers: no cooking on the festival grounds (campings included), we have plenty of options for you when it comes to eating. In case you brought one, we provide an option where you can leave and store it.
  • Pyrotechnical objects:we are well-prepared to amaze you with our pyrotechnical shows
  • Glass: very dangerous...
  • Striking and cutting tools: no striking and no cutting...this is obvious, right?
  • Umbrellas: please bring a raincoat instead
  • Any objects endangering others’ physical health: According to valid laws, you are not allowed to carry objects specifically endangering public safety (knives with a blade longer than 8 cm, switch knives, gas sprays, black jacks, etc.) Products of such nature must be handed to the security service at the entrance in custody, so that they can check them.

If you are not sure whether one of your objects can be brought to Telekom VOLT Festival, please check the full list in the Policy or contact our Helpdesk to avoid inconveniences at the entrance.

At Telekom VOLT Festival you can enjoy a cashless system, when it comes to paying for anything - starting from your drinks, food, merch items, anything! You can either use your contactless cards as your contactless MasterCard® or Maestro® or you can also get a Festipay card, the official official cashless payment service provider of the events of Sziget Cultural Management.
Of course you can take photos of Telekom VOLT Festival for your own joy, however to take photos or videos of the acts and programs you will need a written approval from the organizers. If you are filming or taking photos for a certain medium and you wish to publish it, please consult with our colleagues at the Press Office or contact them via!

Good to know: in order to make Telekom VOLT Festival unforgettable we are constantly making sound and video recordings. You can be a lucky one and appear on some of these indestructible documentations, but we will only use your name if you sign an agreement on this. However, please note that you may not have any claims for appearing on these materials (more information in the Policy).

There is a First Aid facility on the festival site. We would like to ask you to take care of yourselves and each other. We recommend you to refresh yourselves with lots of alcohol-free drinks, apply suntan lotion to yourselves liberally and wear caps. In case you feel unwell, please approach the medical staff.

In case you need any help before the festival, please contact us here, while on spot you can ask all necessary information from the staff at the Info point.

We collect lost stuff at the information points, so if you lose anything this should be your first place to ask and if you find anything we would appreciate if you could leave it with our staff at the information points.

All around Telekom VOLT Festival, visitors will find small restaurant centres that reflect the exciting culinary world of the festival. Dishes of various nationalities, exciting products of the Hungarian cuisine, best wines of the Sopron wine region and Hungary, and the very intricate palinka culture will be represented this year.

Apart from the usual cuisines you can taste Transylvanian, Greek, Italian, while you can try boiled corn, various types of baked dough, pizza, giant pancakes and hot dog. Vegetarian food is also available in an incredible variety. If you are thirsty, feel free to visit one of the many dozen pubs, wine pavilions, palinka houses and beer springs.

There are several toilet facilities available for you on the spot! We kindly ask you not to use trees, bushes and green areas as toilets.

Shower facilities are located in the camping areas. Please keep the showers and toilets as clean as possible and try to avoid wasting water.

Telekom VOLT Festival has always listed safety and security among its top priorities, which is without question a must for an event hosting thousands of entries by all means. We are constantly working on the adaptation of Health & Safety regulations, built on very strict guidelines. As events and safety concerns do change time by time, we also have to focus on new challenges. The area of the event will be checked constantly way before and during the festival, while the camera systems will monitor the activities happening. To make everyone safe and secure at Telekom VOLT a security staff of hundreds of people on the area as well as national policemen will be present. We are working closely with all relevant authorities as the Counter Terrorism Unit, police, emergency services and international organizations as well.

What can you do?

  • Please keep in mind to check the items you can bring and cannot bring to the festival as at our throughout security check before entering the festival we will take everything that we consider dangerous to our visitors.
  • Telekom VOLT has a new check-in system, where every visitor will need to present a valid ID/passport for identification. Make sure you have this when packing, as you will need it to get your wristband and start your festival time.

We are positive that all of you understand these guidelines and we can start and finish #volt2016 as part of a mutual cooperation. We are all doing our best to keep you safe and make your festival holiday flawless and lovely! See you soon! 

Take home Telekom VOLT Festival! Merch items are available at several stores onsite!

If you wish to do any commercial or advertising activities at Telekom VOLT Festival, you can only do that with a written permission from the organizers. We have an open tender for such activities.

Telekom VOLT Festival VOLT Festival is situated in Sopron, one of the most beautiful Hungarian cities and a beloved touristic destination with several pubs, taverns and restaurants. The festival venue is close to the Hungarian-Austrian border, built up in the middle of a green forest. This is the right place to meet open-minded and friendly youngsters, all in love with music.

During Telekom VOLT Festival the weather is generally great! Meaning: usually sunny and it can be really hot as well! Check the weather forecast before leaving for Sopron, but bring sun screen and anything you would take for a hot summer holiday. In addition make sure you have a raincoat, just in case. Please note that the event will be held in case of bad weather as well, but hope for the best :)

Detailed information is coming soon!

Check out these tips and information collected for you! The organizers wish you all a pleasant and safe stay at the festival!

  • Alcohol, cigarettes & drugs:We kindly ask you to drink reasonable amounts of alcohol and smoke reasonable amounts of cigarettes and to refrain from using drugs at all. In the bars, intoxicated guests and visitors under the age of 18 cannot be served with any alcoholic beverages. Important: consumption of narcotics is strictly forbidden according to prevailing laws.
  • Look after each other:Look out for your friends. If anyone feels dizzy, sick, weak or has problems with his vision please contact the medical staff immediately. Protect yourself against the sun, eat and rest as much as you can, drink a lot of non-alcoholic beverages and wash your hands regularly! Drink alcohol with care to avoid accidents occurring out of drunkenness. Don’t use any drugs and use appropriate protection when having sex. Take care of yourself and look after others as well! Please note that organizers do not take responsibility for possible damages occurring in persons or valuables!
  • Sunny days: It is important for you to be equipped with some sort of sun protection. Please use sun tan lotions regularly, wear a shirt and a cap to avoid sunstroke. It is important for you to drink a lot of water!
  • Medications: If you have to take medication regularly please bring a sufficient amount of it with you. The medical centre has a certain amount of emergency medication in case you need.
  • Valuables: Please only bring the most necessary items with you for your festival stay at the campsite. If possible leave your valuables at home. For the valuables brought with you please feel free to use our safe lockers. Please keep your personal papers on you at all time and look after them. We kindly ask you to hand down any items you find at the Info Point, you can also look for your lost items here.
  • Pretty nature: Protect the nature. Look out for trees, avoid littering and collect your garbage selectively. We kindly ask you not to use trees, bushes and green areas as toilets.
  • Food issues: It is very important that you don’t store any food in your tents.
  • Contact lenses: For sanitary reasons we advise our visitors wearing contact lenses to use glasses instead while attending the festival, they are easier to handle and keep clean.
  • Safe sex: Please avoid incautious sexual relationships! Always think about the necessary protection and use a condom!
  • Bodysurf: For safety reasons it is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to bodysurf! Anybody disregarding this can be pulled out of the crowd and if necessary ultimately banned from the festival area.
  • Noise: In order to protect your hearing we ask you to use earplugs when standing close to the stage.
  • Entrance in case the festival passes are sold out:If the festival is sold out, in order to protect the visitors the security staff can order a headcount limit at separate venues and prohibit you from entering the given program venue even with a valid wristband. In order to avoid this we kindly ask you to arrive in time at concerts that are especially important for you, if not you might have to wait a long time to get in.
  • Walking around: Getting from one location to another might take a longer time than you would expect because of the crowd, so we advise you to leave early to get to the venues in time. The main roads can be pretty crowded, please be patient, don’t push others, don’t try to walk opposite of traffic and move along with the crowd.
  • Accident & crime: In case of an accident or if someone gets hurt please contact the staff immediately and ask them for help. It is very important that you don’t call the ambulance right away, if necessary our staff will do so. Emergency care is free of charge within the festival area. If you are witness or victim of any crime or you feel like you need help feel free to contact any member of the security staff.
  • Extreme weather conditions: Outdoor events can always be affected by extreme weather conditions. Our crew is constantly in contact with the National Meteorological Service (OMSZ), in case of any weather related emergencies we will alert you in time. The organizers provide you with up to date information about the weather on all our info platforms. This is where you can get information about a possible UV alert, summer-heat alert or the situation of the pollen concentration. If the upcoming day is likely to be stormy and windy the organizers will inform you about that. It is important that you are prepared in advance for situations like this: secure your tent, place your belongings into safety and prepare the appropriate clothes. In case of a storm try to stay away from tall trees and electrical devices and rather stay at open space. In case of strong wind for safety reasons program venue tents might get evacuated, we ask you to leave the venues if you are warned about this.
  • Managing the crowd: If you travel along with the crowd always travel in the same direction and with the same speed as the others. If you feel that the crowd is starting to panic try to get to the side of it by leaving sideways or to the front. The chances of getting carried away by the crowd or you getting hurt are the lowest when being on the side.
  • Wi-fi hotsposts
  • Left Luggage
  • Safety Deposit
  • Bike storage (detailed information will be availble soon)
  • Health Services

New services are continously added to the list!

Telekom VOLT Festival is held in the city of Sopron, right at the Austrian border.





Arriving by plane

Planes in Hungary arrive at Liszt Ferenc Airport (BUD). From the airport you can easily get in the capital by taking the 200E bus that takes you in the city center, from where you can continue your way by train.

Arriving by train

You can easily reach Sopron by train if you are coming from Budapest. Trains run approximately in every hour during the day from Keleti Railway Station. 

Arriving by car

Sopron is situated right at the Austrian border. Take M7 to M1 in Budaörs then continue on M1 to Kóny and after you need to follow Route 85 until you reach Sopron, so it can be easily reached.

Detailed information will be available soon!

You will need an additional camping ticket to camp at Telekom VOLT Festival camping facility! I want to check the price!

Tapwater is drinkable unless there's an alert that states otherwise.

When picking your camping spot please avoid major walking paths and the routes of service vehicles.
We kindly ask you to follow these instructions regarding tent sizes:
  • Tent for 1-2 persons: 2 x 2 meters
  • Tent for 3-4 persons: 4 x 2 meters
  • Please note that gazebos (e.g. party tents with or without side panels) are only allowed to areas with sufficient capacity for fellow campers.

There are several toilet facilities available for you on the spot! We kindly ask you not to use trees, bushes and green areas as toilets. Shower facilities are available in the camping areas. Please keep the showers and toilets as clean as possible and try to avoid wasting water. In the shower facilities you will find plugs for hairdryers, hair straightener and also mirrors.  

There are no electrical outlets available in the camping area and we kindly ask you not to bring a generator. You can charge your most important devices at the charging points.

Please keep in mind that it is strictly forbidden to light campfires at the entire festival area! It is also forbidden to bring in gas-cylinders, which means there’s no possibility to cook for yourself. We have plenty food options available for you on-site.