9-12 July 2015, Zamárdi, Hungary

Ricardo Villalobos

Villalobos is not only a star DJ with South-American roots, but he is the biggest of all. International super star, who has monumental sets and he is for sure the DJ with the biggest minimal and microhouse knowledge in the world. His unique release called fabric36 from 2007 was a real masterpiece. The almost 70-minute opus can only be compared to the Richie Hawtin’s Plastikmanes materials or Accident in Paradise by Sven Väth. His sets are easily recognizable of the latino tunes and the hero of the Cocoon label of Sven Väth will entertain the crowd of Balaton Sound this year.

Most important tracks:

Dexter, Samma, Chromosul, Waiworinao, Druic, Mormax, Fizheuer Zieheuer, Any Ideas 

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