9-12 July 2015, Zamárdi, Hungary

Maya Jane Coles

With a unique style and perspective, multi-faceted electronic musician, producer and DJ, Maya Jane Coles will play at Balaton Sound this year. She is the leader of many exciting e-music projects, but on her stage-name she does dark atmospheric, kindly creepy, mysterious, but intimate deep house music. Entering her world is pleasant and liberating at the same time at a festival as well as lonely as if you were on a sofa on the edge of the Milky Way. Her most well-known dubstep alterego is Nocturnal Sunshine and she is also a member of She Is Danger, a dub project together with Lena Cullen. 

Most important tracks:

Everything, What They Say, Easier To Hide, Humming Bird, Getting Freaky, Watcher, Sick Panda

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