Where to stay at Balaton Sound

2016. nov. 18., péntek, 16.20.45 CET

Balaton Sound is a great 5-day beach party that will definitely give you unforgettable memories! But making these memories and dancing all night long is quite tiring sometimes, so you’ll need a place to rest and to take break. Fortunately for you,  Balaton Sound 2017 offers a great choice of accommodation options so that you can choose the best fit for yourself and your friends. Check out the accommodation options listed below!

The Basic Camping is located for an 8-10 minutes’ walk from the festival area, and has all the basics you need for a festival stay. Shower and sanitary facilities are available on the camping site as well as  a reception, left-luggage service, guarded lockers, phone charging possibility. So if you’re looking for the real tenting festival experience for an economic price, then this is the place for you!


If you don’t want to walk even 8 minutes to your tent, and you wanna enjoy the beach that is just a few steps away, then Beach Camping is the place for you at #Sound2017! As it’s located right next to the festival area you’ll never have to take time for getting in or out of the festival. Extra shower and sanitary facilities are available as well as other services are there for your comfort  like left luggage, guarded lockers, grocery store and reception.

Or you have a caravan that you’re planning to come with? This is your favorite accommodation option as you already know every little feature of it? You don’t have to give up on your comfy home on wheels, you only need to get a Caravan Camping ticket! Caravan camping is situated right next to the festival area with shower and sanitary facilities and it welcomes all caravans and vehicles with fixed beds.

In case that you are not really a tent person, that we totally understand, and you unfortunately don’t own a caravan, then our Glamping Packages are the perfect solution for you! These are special accommodation options in the camping areas for those who are not bringing a tent and fancying a bit more comfort then they would get in a regular camping. There are different types like: wooden houses, pre-settled caravans, etc.Make sure to check them out if you are a person of comfort and convenience!

If you are fine with camping, but you’re no good at pitching the tent, not to mention the extra fees they charge you for flying the equipment here… our Pre-Pitched Tents are the perfect solution for you! Why bring an extra baggage with you, if you can arrive straight to your tent, already built for you? You can choose this option, so you don't have to hassle with all this! You can choose from tents suitable for 2 or 4 persons. They will be already built up for you, so you don’t have to worry about extra luggage and you can just move-in upon arrival and sip your first cocktail as soon as possible, while everyone else is figuring out how to build their tents.

If you still feel like you need more, then Flexotel will be the one for you! Hotel package at Balaton Sound! No joking, these rooms are really giving you the comfort of a real hotel room, but right next to the festival area! Get a comfortable hotel room at the Caravan Camping of Balaton Sound and enjoy comfortable beds, separate sanitary for Flexotel/Felxotent users and lockable rooms so you can leave your belongings safely!