Join a Boat Party on Lake Balaton during Balaton Sound!

2017. márc. 24., péntek, 11.43.28 CET

Join a Boat Party during the day, while being at Balaton Sound! Enjoy the sunshine, the music brought to you by famous DJs and the spectacular Lake Balaton!

Exclusive boat parties on Lake Balaton!

Start: every day from the Siófok Harbour. The boat party is between 16.00-19.00 (boarding is from 16.00 and the boat leaves at 17.00).
Tickets: Tickets are available in a limited number, so hurry up!
Tickets until 4 July with a Balaton Sound pass: 25 EUR // without a Balaton Sound pass: 35 EUR
Tickets from 5 July with a Balaton Sound pass: 30 EUR // without a Balaton Sound pass: 40 EUR
How to get to Siófok harbour?
The ticket includes the transfer from the festival to the harbour every day between 15.00-16.00. Getting back to the festival is also easy, as the transfers will leave between 19.00-20.00 from the harbour to the festival entrance.
  • Wednesday, 5 July: Max Cooper
  • Thursday, 6 July: Jan Blomqvist (dj set)
  • Friday, 7 July: Art Department 
  • Saturday, 8 July: Eelke Kleijn 
  • Sunday, 9 July: Sasha


Max Cooper

Jan Blomqvist
Art Department

Eelke Kleijn