Attention! Traffic regulation at Balaton Sound!

2017. júl. 3., hétfő, 15.10.26 CEST

Dear #sound2017 people! Traffic has been restricted by the police near Balaton Sound, so if you are arriving by car, please note these changes! Read on!


The current regulation is between 3rd July, Monday - 10th July, Monday.


  • There is a no entry policy to the streets around Balaton Sound! You can only enter if you have a local inhabitant permit or a permit from the organizers!

  • Parking on the indicated streets is strictly forbidden, all cars must park within the yard of the houses. 

The traffic is regulated by the local police and supprted by the staff of Balaton Sound! Please understand these circumstances!
Check the map properly and try to avoid coming by car! There are several ways to get to Zamárdi and we have limited parking options, in case you arrive by car!